Sunday, 9 September 2012


Here's some of Kens more unusual toys, i love these old Honk Kong rack toy's as readers of the blog already know!.the first one is very unusual, and comes from Japan and features shooting Sunglasses!, something I've not yet come across in the rack spy toy line

Love the Aston Martin & Spy Header
The next one is just brilliant, another 007 knock off, but featuring a spy on the card who looks more like one of bonds deadly enemies, Blofeld springs to mind, this is one of the best rack Knock off toys I've seen so far, and i would love to get even comes with a whistle!, as we know most agents in  deadly danger need a whistle!

IRWIN AGENT 808 Rack Toys

Ken doesn't own the 'wild sniper' set, but he gave me this info..I got outbid on this one when it came up, but I would still like to have it just because it is so weird..  The badge says "Sheriff Wyoming" on it, the box says 007, the guys on the box might be spies or they might be cops.   I have seen t radio gadget (Which shoots out little saucer disks when you pull a cord) for sale separately.
I've included it because the chances of seeing another i guess are very slim, and as knock off sets go, its pretty outrageous. 
The Irwin Agent sets are Kens and as he Say's..   'I have also attached a picture of a couple of carded items from yet another company with a cheap line of spy toys, Irwin.   I had the incredibly fake transistor radio with the gun in it when I was a kid.'..i love these, it would be interesting to see if they did any bigger toy sets, the 2 Ken has sent are very similar to the Agent 707 cards, but without the great artwork.

Super Cool Camera Gun
Great Goldfinger Knock Off
2 More great Rack toy knock offs from Kens Collection, the wonderful ' Camera Gun'..with missiles & Ring??..and a great ' Agent AA7'..knock off.. Using the Same gun as a ' Hamilton's Invaders' Set 7 an Official James Bond Set.
The agent looks nothing like Bond,and resembles a chubby schoolboy with lipstick!.. but the Villain very much resembles ' Goldfinger'. unusual as well to have 2 Guns in the set, this is a great item, the last one i saw for sale on e bay fetched £ its very collectible.
I don't know, but would presume, this is the only Agent AA7 item, maybe the Hong Kong toy company's were running out of numbers for their knock off agents, and thought that using letters would be more original!

This last ( but not least!) rack toy is a ' Secret Message' spy set its a great little item, with some very interesting artwork on the backing card, it also comes with a ring..again! and a pipe, to disguise the secret pen, the art on the card seems to bear no resemblance to the actual secret message writing of the set.

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