Sunday, 16 September 2012


Here's more of Kens Excellent collection.the Great Moonraker Case, and the excellent X-7 Case, over to Ken!..

The first thing I noticed about the Moonraker case was that it was definitely child- sized;  about 8 by 10 by 2 and a half inches, half as big as it appeared in pictures on E-bay.  And the three buttons on the case that launch three red "missiles" (they look more like bullets to me) are child-sized, too; to operate them at all as an adult you have to use your pinkie and and press really hard.  After that, if you are still in trouble, you can always slide open two small doors and pull the trigger on the "Tiger-Matic" pistol inside the case  to shoot silver pellets out the other end (and as a last resort, I guess, you can open the thing up and throw the little cap bomb).

 A third door that slides open next to the three tiny buttons reveals the business end of the periscope, which pops out when you push a fourth and larger button.   Inside the attache, in addition to the aforementioned pistol and bomb, are, in clockwise order, a mirrored signal flasher, a tiny radio, a grid device for decoding messages, and a small radar set.  I was expecting something to happen when I turned the little knob, but no, it's just for looks.  One thing that strikes me now about every Japanese spy attache I have ever seen is that unlike the more British and American versions, they all have art inside the cover, and the Moonraker scene in this one is especially striking and elaborate, almost dreamlike.

Secret Telscope!

Inside the case
Great Pic

  Here is a real oddball cheapo cardboard attache, apparently cobbled together by the manufacturer during the spy craze from items they already had in stock.

 Yes, what secret agent doesn't care a handy safe around with him?  And the dart gun is marked "Suburban 400";  a special gun for the suburbs?  In any case, this is the only one of these  I have ever seen anywhere, and probably for good reason.


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