Wednesday, 25 July 2012


This is the Weapon set for ' secret Agent of Red Box'  my thanks to Colin of Acme toy shop Erdington Birmingham, for saving this great set for me, i already have one Redbox Agent case, but it was nice to get another to Compare the two.

The Weapons come in a Plastic case and the set was made  Obviously to cash in on the classic Multiple toys James Bond set, but it is a really nice little item on its own, it contains the great agent 707 Cigarette case, which can fetch up to £40.00 on its own on E bay, i think nearly every budding James Bond/Secret Agent child of the 60's and 70's had one of these cheap little items, the great novelty being it was a gun disguised in a Cigarette packet..How cool is that!

Super Cool!

This set comes with 3 Badges , passport, ammo and 2 grenades , and some Keys???..the passport had been written in by the original young owner.

i wonder where Ben Is now?

The Thumb Belongs to Me!

The second badge i added from my first incomplete set to make a ( i think) a complete first case contained a transistor radio, instead of the Cigarette case to disguise the gun..

My First Incomplete Case
Transistor Gun

The squirty Camera is the same, but a watch & Compass replace the Grenades.below are the 2 cases together so you can see some of the Differences..

My new case & incomplete Old Case
I'm missing the bright orange gun for my old case, and theres no plastic holder to keep the passport in, but i can make that pretty easily, i wonder if these were sold in big toy shops at the time?.or maybe the local supermarkets, that's usually where the cheaper knock offs could be found.

Another difference is, on my old case theres no writing under the logo, so i think this is a later variation, maybe late 60's early 70's ?, these are the 2 examples i know of, redbox repackaged the contents in another set which i don't have but i will be blogging about soon.


  1. Hi Vince
    I bought my Redbox case in its original card box at Index, the Littlewoods catalogue shop in Wakefield in the mid 1990's. Put it away at the time and there its stayed in the attic! Have you seen the card box it came in?

    I also have a Merit Special Agent Set, incomplete, which I've put on Ebay. It remainds me of their Avengers and Sant Shooting Sets. I've tried for years to complete it, only managing to replace the retractable knife with the vary same one that Merit re-used as their Commando Knife. Alas, after five years of looking for more I've given up and put it up for sale. Would you like pictures for your blog? Maybe someone has a full set!

    Congrats on a really cool blog Vince, which I check into at the end of every secret mission!

  2. I have one of these sets complete and untouched
    If you are interested

  3. I had these when I was a kid! Was just reminded of it when watching the new Man From U.N.C.L.E film. I wonder what I did with the thing...?!

  4. Are these special agent kits worth much money? I have one that I was thinking of putting on ebay.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. If anyone is seeking one of these please email me at Steve

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