Wednesday, 25 July 2012


These Are my Wants At The Moment, The Repackaged Agent 707 Set Above, not a great pic but as i dont have it, it was the only one i could find. as you can see the set includes most of the items included in the 2 cases they released.

The Red box Agent 707 Lighter & Gun Pack..

 The Ciga Gun & Gun Transistor, if you have these for sale, or any other redbox agent 707 toys for sale or trade..Please get in touch..
End Of Advert!

TOP MISSION 007 James Bond knock off SPY SETS

Love The Cool stallone/Gibson Character!
Here's a great knock off set, once again supplied to me by Colin of acme toys Birmingham, i guess its most of what was left from various 60's & 70's spy cases repackaged on card to save money, the Agent 707 badge even turns up straight from the Redbox case!, at least the passport is different, as are the guns, all marked 007!.that's the odd thing, the header card seems to put the set around mid to late eighties, with the stallone/lethal weapon type spy character, and the fact that the set is bar coded puts it as definitely late 1980's but the guns have 007 on them?..unless the set was originally released to cash in on an eighties Bond movie, then repackaged to appeal to more of a modern action Lethal weapon type of kid/collector?..anyway this set, and the one below, are pretty fantastic and very large, the contents would have definitely looked great in a plastic case.

007 Pump Action shotgun!
That's the second card above, that one features an 007 Pump Action Shotgun?? a knock off, that's pretty outrageous. I'd love to see if there is an original 007 set that those guns may have first been packaged in.

Close up 007 logo
Nice to see the old redbox Agent 707 Badge making a late Appearance
007 Watch & Pistol
There is a third set, with no weapons just the regular Agent equipment, but still worth having, i couldn't afford that at the time, but its being saved for me, so I'll feature it at a later date..


This is the Weapon set for ' secret Agent of Red Box'  my thanks to Colin of Acme toy shop Erdington Birmingham, for saving this great set for me, i already have one Redbox Agent case, but it was nice to get another to Compare the two.

The Weapons come in a Plastic case and the set was made  Obviously to cash in on the classic Multiple toys James Bond set, but it is a really nice little item on its own, it contains the great agent 707 Cigarette case, which can fetch up to £40.00 on its own on E bay, i think nearly every budding James Bond/Secret Agent child of the 60's and 70's had one of these cheap little items, the great novelty being it was a gun disguised in a Cigarette packet..How cool is that!

Super Cool!

This set comes with 3 Badges , passport, ammo and 2 grenades , and some Keys???..the passport had been written in by the original young owner.

i wonder where Ben Is now?

The Thumb Belongs to Me!

The second badge i added from my first incomplete set to make a ( i think) a complete first case contained a transistor radio, instead of the Cigarette case to disguise the gun..

My First Incomplete Case
Transistor Gun

The squirty Camera is the same, but a watch & Compass replace the Grenades.below are the 2 cases together so you can see some of the Differences..

My new case & incomplete Old Case
I'm missing the bright orange gun for my old case, and theres no plastic holder to keep the passport in, but i can make that pretty easily, i wonder if these were sold in big toy shops at the time?.or maybe the local supermarkets, that's usually where the cheaper knock offs could be found.

Another difference is, on my old case theres no writing under the logo, so i think this is a later variation, maybe late 60's early 70's ?, these are the 2 examples i know of, redbox repackaged the contents in another set which i don't have but i will be blogging about soon.

Thursday, 5 July 2012


From the obscure world of classic knock offs comes this great item.

The perfect companion to the ' Mike Gambit Gun'..designed by Steve C of Northampton, this great item is one of those ' if only'  pieces of merchandise we all wish Denys Fisher would have done in 1976, so here is the Knock off version, i think Steve's got it dead right with the card, using the Silhouette as it appears in the opening titles and the great pic of purdey, a couple of these have already appeared on the E bay, and sold.
They do look great amongst the other Official New Avengers toys of the time, especially next to the ' Shooting set' or the recent Corgi Cars.


Here's a Strange toy i got from the E bay recently an Argentina Spy Case the really odd thing about it is its size, not as big as the usual Spy cases, but not small enough to be an Accessory for action figures either.
It is very cheaply made, but is a great trashy little item, it comes with everything the Tiny Argentinian spy could need , revolver, passport, money Camera, A Key, and a Bright Plastic badge!.

The bottom half of the case includes Money ( very conveniently the word 'copy' is written on the coins!) handcuffs and some Travel cards..i do love this item, i just wish it was bigger! looks like it was made for Agent 004 & a half.

The case for the Very Small Secret Agent
Also from the Crazy Spy world of 70's Argentina comes this little Beauty..the Sly Spy Luger!.

the header card being the thing that really sells this great Little item, once again another Spy Trash miniature made in Hong Kong, from the look of it can only presume, during the 60's & 70's Argentina had some very small spy's lurking about the Embassy!.

More European Spy trash is Wonder full, the Iconic Design & colours sets it apart for the UK & USA spy Trash.


Great Header
Dating from 1984 comes this nice set of Bond walkie talkies made by Imperial toys who were responsible for some superb rack  toys in the 60's & 70's and some wonderful knock offs too.
Great header card on this featuring bond in his Octopussy jet, similar art work later appear on the great Imperial knock off toy ' Secret Service Skydiver' of which i do not have, but if anyone out there as one to sell, please get in touch

I've also seen a carded Sub Machine gun & some outrageous Bond Sunglasses both of which i think were also made by Imperial.the list could go on for a while but for the record,i prefer the knock offs but a cool Bond toy is Still a cool Bond toy, and this is a great little set.
Cheaply made but essential for the Spy Collection..i mean where would any self respecting secret Service Agent be without his Walkie Talkie?