Thursday, 24 January 2013


Here's an unusual Spy item, which, according to friend & fellow collector Ken Smedley, is based on the Topper toys multi pistol, the header card is intriguing, and features an equation, ending in a Spy figure that makes up the Gun, with some more great dynamic art, of a spy in the cross hairs of the 7 mini gun!

Various projectiles can then be added or taken away, i think ken is right in his assumption, i don't have the Topper Toys multi pistol, but he does, and  this is the info he sent me.. Apparently it fires bullets, also, and if I read the little pictures at the top correctly, the pistol come apart in three sections, one of which is a "7" for some odd reason.  I guess it's a lucky gun. I thought the four small projectiles looked familiar, and sure enough, they were apparently modelled after the ones that came with the Topper Toys Multi-Pistol 09 set.
Many thanks to Ken for the info, i guess if a parent couldn't afford the obviously more extravagant Topper toys set, then this was the cheap Hong kong alternative!, as was the case with most Hong Kong knock offs of the 60's & 70's.

The back of the card, showing how to use the gun


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