Sunday, 6 May 2012


This is the Denys Fisher New Avengers Shooting Game from 1976, i recently got this from a Toy shop in Birmingham UK, I got a pretty good deal on it considering its quiet rare, and this one is complete with the correct gun & shooting discs.
 Most examples of this I've seen are usually missing various parts like  the gun for example, I've even seen one dealer selling it with a completely different gun & no proper inserts although he was honest enough to tell me that at the time!.
I absolutely love this toy , it looks great on display shame about the large black & white picture, I would have prefered some more of the funky 70's artwork that you can see on the inside of the box, but never mind that's just a small quibble i had a blast playing this, the Timer ( you turn the gun anti clockwise) and this activates the motor which moves the shutters down slowly obscuring the various targets, with no instructions, and no other info on the net, I figure you win by hitting the most targets in the allocated time.

Game Contents

 In the pic below you can see the gun & cards. I'm not sure what the makers were going for, I guess various spy looking character silhouettes with a hint of Espionage & intrigue, there's also a larger card pictured containing  all the spy's  with the New Avengers  logo on the back, I presume you get more points if you hit this target than the smaller ones.
The game was based on a New Avengers episode called, appropriately 'Target'..the Targets used in the episode were actors made up, some were Steed & Purdey in weird make up, designed to make them look like Dummies.A great episode worth checking out from the Excellent first season of the show.

Gun & Cards


  1. Hi,
    I have such fond memories of this game and only wish it had been kept. My brother had it for Christmas, possibly his birthday but I think it was in 1978 when he got it so it must have been around a few years.
    I did get a bit muddled up as I priginally thought it was 'The professionals" game until I found your post :)
    Thank you for bringing back fond memories :)

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