Thursday, 24 May 2012


Here's 2 Nifty little items the everyday spy cannot afford to be without!, both of which i picked up off E Bay USA..the counter spy gun is very typical Hong Kong just an outrageous cheap little item, but one i fell in love with instantly, the art work is classic, I'm not sure whats happening here but its very spy ish, the guy with the hat looks very cool maybe he's the Counter spy? i have no idea of the date of issue but it looks very mid 60's , i dont think the bag is orginal but i'm pretty sure the card is i dont think anyone would go to the trouble of photocopying that!, I think they would create a new one instead, its such an odd little picture but that makes it all the more attractive to me,and it sits nicely in the Collection.

Super Cool!
Heres the Super Cool Redbox toys Special Agent 707 Lighter & Pistol pack complete with bullets! of course, what a brilliant gadget this is, the perfect toy weapon to get you out of that extra tricky situation, i love the card artwork it is fantastic with the great special agent 707 looking very cool as he's about to use his lighter on some un suspecting villanous double agent/or criminal mastermind.
The card says 'red box secret weapons series' so were more made? i've only found this one so far I wonder what the others could be?.

Great art superb card
The actual plastic holding the lighter to the card looks new to me, its very bright so i'm thinking its a replacement and the staples look new too, no rust at all, which is what you would expect from a 1960's rack toy item.

It is one of my faves this lighter pack, i'm having great fun tracking down these rare & un usull spy toy items,once again a google search on 'Red Box Toys' proved to tell me nothing, except it's an Hong Kong toy firm, they also make pirate ships, i only hope they made more of these great little spy toys.

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