Thursday, 24 January 2013


Here's an unusual Spy item, which, according to friend & fellow collector Ken Smedley, is based on the Topper toys multi pistol, the header card is intriguing, and features an equation, ending in a Spy figure that makes up the Gun, with some more great dynamic art, of a spy in the cross hairs of the 7 mini gun!

Various projectiles can then be added or taken away, i think ken is right in his assumption, i don't have the Topper Toys multi pistol, but he does, and  this is the info he sent me.. Apparently it fires bullets, also, and if I read the little pictures at the top correctly, the pistol come apart in three sections, one of which is a "7" for some odd reason.  I guess it's a lucky gun. I thought the four small projectiles looked familiar, and sure enough, they were apparently modelled after the ones that came with the Topper Toys Multi-Pistol 09 set.
Many thanks to Ken for the info, i guess if a parent couldn't afford the obviously more extravagant Topper toys set, then this was the cheap Hong kong alternative!, as was the case with most Hong Kong knock offs of the 60's & 70's.

The back of the card, showing how to use the gun


For a change, here is a UK item that looks very much like one of its Hong Kong counterparts, the under cover agent shoulder holster set, made by Di-bro, which from what little information I've gathered was a UK company.

The price written on the card is a great little touch, straight from the 1960's and down in price from a shilling to 3d!..the art on the main section is neat, featuring a great mean looking agent, and 3 suited counter spy's about to ambush him!, the main header card art of a small boy putting on the holster is very reminiscent of the 50's & 60's..

Another interesting vintage item for the collection, i wonder if the dibro company made the gun to go with it?


Yes folks..straight from Hong Kong is yet another super spy Toy, this great little set is known as ' Advance weapon for secret agent' and once again the main thing that really sold this to me is the Cracking art work on the header card.

That header is just fantastic, featuring a rather gleeful looking Agent, in long coat, cheerfully dispatching 2 enemy agents using his fantastic pipe & lighter, The Advanced weapon of the header card title!

Advanced Weapons
This set comes with the Pipe, lighter ( with aeroplane Logo!)..and a neat watch with a gun on it ( what a Give-away!)..and of course some ammo, on the back of the card are the instructions, easy for any young Agent to follow, so he can start dispatching his friends!..i am so tempted to open this and give it a blast, its such a great set.
There is a castle Logo on the header card, and the Number year of issue of course, so once again at a guess..mid 60's i would say.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


This is a classic Hong Kong knock off, and the kind of spy toy i really like, there's no mention of the Bond film of course, but on the great header card artwork is 'Little Nellie' the famous gyro copter from the film ' you only live twice'..this has nothing to do with the Camera Gun itself, and was included i guess because that was the film that was out at the time, and the makers needed to tie it in to maximize sales

Superb Art
I love the header card art on this item ,and its my fave of the few 'camera Guns' I've seen recently on the E bay, the shady looking guy on the far right seems to be making a get a way while Bond ?..zooms in to get him in his gyro copter.
The card bears the Makers name 'LMR' in a diamond shaped logo and its numbered no 116, wonder what the other 115 were?


Just a quick mention for this item, one i got from the E bay recently, a nice little gun on a great card, one of the many generic spy toy's to come from Hong Kong in the 60's & 70' was cheap! i got it for the collection, along with this ' State Trooper' set, which i know isn't Spy Related, I'm just partial to any cool looking Spy/ Police set that features nice Vintage art, Badges Guns Etc..


Here's a really nice item i picked up recently, a ( i presume 1960's) counter spy gun, this is a great little piece for the collection, comes complete with silencer, and telescopic lens..the box features superb artwork of a ' Counter Spy' in a dynamic pose, which is highlighted for maximum effect

Superb Artwork really eye catching
Theres no year, or manufacturer on the box at all, which is very strange, I'm just presuming its a 1960's toy, from the style & design, I'd say it was Hong any toy made in the UK at the time would usually have a Logo or Brand name.
It was intended to display as a Rack Toy, judging from the Puncture hole in the top of the card, but it looks and displays much better and doesn't look as cheap as the regular Hong Kong rack toys

I like this item a lot, as I've said it displays really well, and looks a lot better  made than the regular cheap Hong Kong spy toy's ( which i love).
The Back of the Box features the Special features, Silencer, Telescopic Extension Ect..

Here's the gun in my Collection, sitting nicely next to Daisy Havoc!..super agent of ' Havoc'

Wednesday, 24 October 2012



i was fortunate enough to bag this superb item not long ago, off of the E bay, a Bond collector was thinning down his collection, and listed it as a BIN, so i grabbed it immediately!, it is one of my favourite guns in the collection at the moment.

The Fake Napoleon!
There's not enough good things to say about this superb piece, the Napoleon Solo rip off is an inspired touch, as they already have a 007 style Logo..077 ( Genius!), so they were really cornering the market with this one,  i wonder how many other items the Chien Hsin Plastic factory turned out?, I'd love to see if they did any other Uncle/Bond type guns, what makes this special is the inclusion of the word ' Cosmic', kind of getting the Sci Fi fans involved too..that is really covering all the sale area's at once!

The gun is still sealed in its original plastic, and came with Spinners & a roll of caps

I really want to open it and give it a blast!

I guess later on, had the factory still been turning out these guns, they may have dropped the 'Spy' Angle completely and just sold it as a ' Cosmic Gun', to cash in on the space race. Anyway, there it is, it looks super cool on display, and was well worth the money i paid, i love it!