Sunday, 20 January 2013


This is a classic Hong Kong knock off, and the kind of spy toy i really like, there's no mention of the Bond film of course, but on the great header card artwork is 'Little Nellie' the famous gyro copter from the film ' you only live twice'..this has nothing to do with the Camera Gun itself, and was included i guess because that was the film that was out at the time, and the makers needed to tie it in to maximize sales

Superb Art
I love the header card art on this item ,and its my fave of the few 'camera Guns' I've seen recently on the E bay, the shady looking guy on the far right seems to be making a get a way while Bond ?..zooms in to get him in his gyro copter.
The card bears the Makers name 'LMR' in a diamond shaped logo and its numbered no 116, wonder what the other 115 were?

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