Wednesday, 24 October 2012



i was fortunate enough to bag this superb item not long ago, off of the E bay, a Bond collector was thinning down his collection, and listed it as a BIN, so i grabbed it immediately!, it is one of my favourite guns in the collection at the moment.

The Fake Napoleon!
There's not enough good things to say about this superb piece, the Napoleon Solo rip off is an inspired touch, as they already have a 007 style Logo..077 ( Genius!), so they were really cornering the market with this one,  i wonder how many other items the Chien Hsin Plastic factory turned out?, I'd love to see if they did any other Uncle/Bond type guns, what makes this special is the inclusion of the word ' Cosmic', kind of getting the Sci Fi fans involved too..that is really covering all the sale area's at once!

The gun is still sealed in its original plastic, and came with Spinners & a roll of caps

I really want to open it and give it a blast!

I guess later on, had the factory still been turning out these guns, they may have dropped the 'Spy' Angle completely and just sold it as a ' Cosmic Gun', to cash in on the space race. Anyway, there it is, it looks super cool on display, and was well worth the money i paid, i love it!


Here's another great item from the collection of Ken Smedley, a Spanish Uncle type knock off Ken Explains..

I also attached two shots of a total ripoff of the U.N.C.L.E. toy pistol from Spain;  they even use the same little globe design with a man standing beside it!  Unlike the original, this one does not shoot caps;  when you pull the trigger the little red tip lights up.

What a great item this is, i did see one on the E bay about 5 months ago, i didn't bid, as the seller wanted too much for it, and it didn't sell, but its never been re-listed so it may have sold privately, i do regret not picking it up now as it is very cool, and a great Uncle knock off.

it even includes an Uncle rip off card!
 The one below is a UK knock say's ' Lone Star' on the card but i dont think it is, it is very similar to the Mauser Illya uses in the show..great card though, looks superb on display..Nice Thrush logo on the Target.


Monday, 15 October 2012


great box.I'm sold!

As you can imagine, the E bay is alive with Bond merch, with all the publicity for the new Skyfall's the Aston Martin kit i picked up not long ago, not complete, but i only really wanted it to display the box art, as its so striking, I'm useless at making model kits, which is strange, as a boy i had loads of them mainly the Airfix ones, the fact that i was useless at making them never stopped me spending lots of my pocket money on them, and i'm sure, as with the above, it was down to the fantastic box art that sold them.

Instructions & Aston Martin History

Side Art

As I've mentioned, i have no intention of attempting to make this great car, I'd rather buy one its just for Display purposes only, in fact I've sold the parts on to someone who's trying to finish making their kit.



Just to celebrate 50 years of classic Bond movies, here's my Gilbert Doll/Figure yes its the Classic Sean Connery, but dressed in Illya's clothes from the Gilbert Man from Uncle figure, another E bay classic buy, along with the rare box, a bit of a mash up i know, but i don't mind, the figure displays nicely and is at home amongst all the other Spy Toys, I'm not a Serious Bond collector, so this little mixture is fine by me..also the Illya outfit more or less doubles for Bonds Goldfinger Mission outfit..i allso got a nifty bag of accessorys.

Bonds Mission Gear


The Mysterious Agent oo9 Set
Agent  009 Mission  Contents

2 More recent Hong Kong trash rack toys..both are Secret Agent 008 & 009..both with very similar designs, very pop-art shadow looking characters, i got these both from the E bay, and both were with lots of other Hong Kong cheap toys that i wasn't really interested in, i asked the seller if they would separate the lots, and they very kindly agreed.
The above set contains a plastic gun, with the words ' automatic gun giant' written on it, a nice Spy ring with gun Emblem, a badge, and a pack of roll caps, a very interesting and nice set, made in Hong kong, and the USA by the Larami corp who made a lot of toys based on Movies & Tv shows,Battlestar Galactica being one.

The above gun is the Secret Agent 008 water pistol, these came on a card in Various colours, with Slightly different designs, the colour of the agents  faces varies with some having a slightly Pink shade to them, very odd!..i have no idea of the year, i would once again, hazard a guess at the late 60's early 70's..I've no idea if there was an Agent oo6 of similar design..i know there's an Agent 007! obviously they couldn't, or didn't do that because of licensing issues.
If you have any secret Agent 00-whatever number of a similar design, please get in touch.