Monday, 15 October 2012


great box.I'm sold!

As you can imagine, the E bay is alive with Bond merch, with all the publicity for the new Skyfall's the Aston Martin kit i picked up not long ago, not complete, but i only really wanted it to display the box art, as its so striking, I'm useless at making model kits, which is strange, as a boy i had loads of them mainly the Airfix ones, the fact that i was useless at making them never stopped me spending lots of my pocket money on them, and i'm sure, as with the above, it was down to the fantastic box art that sold them.

Instructions & Aston Martin History

Side Art

As I've mentioned, i have no intention of attempting to make this great car, I'd rather buy one its just for Display purposes only, in fact I've sold the parts on to someone who's trying to finish making their kit.

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  1. Great stuff, Vince. It reminded me I had one of those and Airfix Little Nellie when I was a nipper. Loved the DB5 - only got my Corgi one left now.