Thursday, 24 January 2013


Yes folks..straight from Hong Kong is yet another super spy Toy, this great little set is known as ' Advance weapon for secret agent' and once again the main thing that really sold this to me is the Cracking art work on the header card.

That header is just fantastic, featuring a rather gleeful looking Agent, in long coat, cheerfully dispatching 2 enemy agents using his fantastic pipe & lighter, The Advanced weapon of the header card title!

Advanced Weapons
This set comes with the Pipe, lighter ( with aeroplane Logo!)..and a neat watch with a gun on it ( what a Give-away!)..and of course some ammo, on the back of the card are the instructions, easy for any young Agent to follow, so he can start dispatching his friends!..i am so tempted to open this and give it a blast, its such a great set.
There is a castle Logo on the header card, and the Number year of issue of course, so once again at a guess..mid 60's i would say.


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