Wednesday, 25 July 2012

TOP MISSION 007 James Bond knock off SPY SETS

Love The Cool stallone/Gibson Character!
Here's a great knock off set, once again supplied to me by Colin of acme toys Birmingham, i guess its most of what was left from various 60's & 70's spy cases repackaged on card to save money, the Agent 707 badge even turns up straight from the Redbox case!, at least the passport is different, as are the guns, all marked 007!.that's the odd thing, the header card seems to put the set around mid to late eighties, with the stallone/lethal weapon type spy character, and the fact that the set is bar coded puts it as definitely late 1980's but the guns have 007 on them?..unless the set was originally released to cash in on an eighties Bond movie, then repackaged to appeal to more of a modern action Lethal weapon type of kid/collector?..anyway this set, and the one below, are pretty fantastic and very large, the contents would have definitely looked great in a plastic case.

007 Pump Action shotgun!
That's the second card above, that one features an 007 Pump Action Shotgun?? a knock off, that's pretty outrageous. I'd love to see if there is an original 007 set that those guns may have first been packaged in.

Close up 007 logo
Nice to see the old redbox Agent 707 Badge making a late Appearance
007 Watch & Pistol
There is a third set, with no weapons just the regular Agent equipment, but still worth having, i couldn't afford that at the time, but its being saved for me, so I'll feature it at a later date..

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