Monday, 14 May 2012


Off Of The E Bay comes this nifty little item, the very heavy metal Lone Star 12 cap repeater Pistol dating from 1987, no great artwork this time but its Secret Agent credentials are clear with the inclusion of some  John Le Carre type Iconography in the Top corner, a Passport, tape recording and film canister, this is A serious Spy Pistol!

Over the years Lone Star made Many Secret Agent Guns, and as I've said before it's Pretty much Impossible to find a List of all of them, I'm attempting to track down as many Versions I can find, including my favourite Knock off Variations it's allway's fun & interesting to see those.

The card has seen better days but for £10.00 i thought it was a good buy, it ticks all the right
box's and is interesting to see pictures rather than Artwork on the card, i guess this was something Lone Star did with later variations of the gun.

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