Saturday, 23 June 2012


Deadly Currency
Yay! i got another of Coibels Bond knock offs for the collection, a super Secret Agent X-9 Exploding Coin! the perfect partner for the exploding lighter.

Coibel at it again
As usual the same pic of Roger Moore's bond is used,all of these Coibel items were released to co-incide with the 'View to a kill' movie 1985 and pretty great they are too, all i need now is the Coibel X-9 'Exploding Spoon' and i think I've got the knock off set.. I'm pretty sure it was X-9 and not Bond they issued that under.

Harmless..but deadly!
I guess Coibel could have issued a Myriad of Knock off items under the X-9 banner,wonder if they did any for Tim Dalton's Bond?..if i get any,they will be featured here ..the home of the Knock Off Spy Toy!


I'm not sure where to start with this one! OK so its not strictly a spy item, but i bet sometime ago, maybe in the mid 70's it was  an International Spy Set!..replace the Police man with a cool 60's spy and there you go, instant re-package,it comes so close to being a spy item i just had to have it and regardless of its none spy credentials it is super great trash!.

The dolly bird in the corner points to this item once being a spy set, i mean why is there a Glamour girl in the corner of the box? you associate glamour girls with cool sixties spy's, not yer average Traffic cop, all though this is an International police set so the life of the international copper being that more exciting & adventurous than the average policeman.

You need a bright green gun when your an International Police man!
I totally love this item made by Bright Star toys of..wait for it...Hong Kong. yes i bet you'd never believe that!..i only hope they made an actual Spy set along the same lines, bright green gun & dolly bird included..its just Fab!


Another bargain item i got Recently is this Brilliant Moonraker Topps gum card box, it is quiet common but that  didn't stop me getting excited at the prospect of a new Spy item arriving through the post, this is a great box I love the pic of Roger Moore in his space suit a picture that seems to feature heavily on most of the Bond Moonraker Merch.

Also included in the deal was the wax pack still sealed, and some super cool bond cards & stickers..

Stick it to Em up Mr  Bond!
Side view of box

Not much else to say about this item, quiet common yes, but still a great looking display piece you can get them full of cards, a lot of the late 70's Topps gum card boxes you can still get complete.


Superb Knock Off!
Here's my fave little item of the moment straight from the Connery era of bond not sure what year, i would say around Goldfinger time maybe a bit later? a great little rack toy to cash in on the mad spy craze of the Sixties the card features 2 figures very Gilbert like and just as well made, that is to say quiet badly made! still attractive enough to add to the ever expanding collection.

Which ones Bond?
Could it be both figures are suppose to be Bond?..or maybe one, and the other is a villain so more play value?, i love the little cases as well what a great little touch! no cool spy should be without his case..the big stain on the card only adds to the greatness of it. yes with added stain it looks really really old.
I got this from the magical world known as E bay, pretty cheaply actually, I've seen these figures for sale at £20.00 in the UK i Think they are no where near worth that amount, i paid around £3.00 for them from the states, a much better deal i think.
See the pic on the right of them in the collection they look super cooool!