Saturday, 23 June 2012


Deadly Currency
Yay! i got another of Coibels Bond knock offs for the collection, a super Secret Agent X-9 Exploding Coin! the perfect partner for the exploding lighter.

Coibel at it again
As usual the same pic of Roger Moore's bond is used,all of these Coibel items were released to co-incide with the 'View to a kill' movie 1985 and pretty great they are too, all i need now is the Coibel X-9 'Exploding Spoon' and i think I've got the knock off set.. I'm pretty sure it was X-9 and not Bond they issued that under.

Harmless..but deadly!
I guess Coibel could have issued a Myriad of Knock off items under the X-9 banner,wonder if they did any for Tim Dalton's Bond?..if i get any,they will be featured here ..the home of the Knock Off Spy Toy!

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