Thursday, 5 July 2012


Great Header
Dating from 1984 comes this nice set of Bond walkie talkies made by Imperial toys who were responsible for some superb rack  toys in the 60's & 70's and some wonderful knock offs too.
Great header card on this featuring bond in his Octopussy jet, similar art work later appear on the great Imperial knock off toy ' Secret Service Skydiver' of which i do not have, but if anyone out there as one to sell, please get in touch

I've also seen a carded Sub Machine gun & some outrageous Bond Sunglasses both of which i think were also made by Imperial.the list could go on for a while but for the record,i prefer the knock offs but a cool Bond toy is Still a cool Bond toy, and this is a great little set.
Cheaply made but essential for the Spy Collection..i mean where would any self respecting secret Service Agent be without his Walkie Talkie?

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