Thursday, 5 July 2012


Here's a Strange toy i got from the E bay recently an Argentina Spy Case the really odd thing about it is its size, not as big as the usual Spy cases, but not small enough to be an Accessory for action figures either.
It is very cheaply made, but is a great trashy little item, it comes with everything the Tiny Argentinian spy could need , revolver, passport, money Camera, A Key, and a Bright Plastic badge!.

The bottom half of the case includes Money ( very conveniently the word 'copy' is written on the coins!) handcuffs and some Travel cards..i do love this item, i just wish it was bigger! looks like it was made for Agent 004 & a half.

The case for the Very Small Secret Agent
Also from the Crazy Spy world of 70's Argentina comes this little Beauty..the Sly Spy Luger!.

the header card being the thing that really sells this great Little item, once again another Spy Trash miniature made in Hong Kong, from the look of it can only presume, during the 60's & 70's Argentina had some very small spy's lurking about the Embassy!.

More European Spy trash is Wonder full, the Iconic Design & colours sets it apart for the UK & USA spy Trash.

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