Saturday, 23 June 2012


Superb Knock Off!
Here's my fave little item of the moment straight from the Connery era of bond not sure what year, i would say around Goldfinger time maybe a bit later? a great little rack toy to cash in on the mad spy craze of the Sixties the card features 2 figures very Gilbert like and just as well made, that is to say quiet badly made! still attractive enough to add to the ever expanding collection.

Which ones Bond?
Could it be both figures are suppose to be Bond?..or maybe one, and the other is a villain so more play value?, i love the little cases as well what a great little touch! no cool spy should be without his case..the big stain on the card only adds to the greatness of it. yes with added stain it looks really really old.
I got this from the magical world known as E bay, pretty cheaply actually, I've seen these figures for sale at £20.00 in the UK i Think they are no where near worth that amount, i paid around £3.00 for them from the states, a much better deal i think.
See the pic on the right of them in the collection they look super cooool!

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