Wednesday, 30 May 2012


From Brooklyn New York Company Star Wannatoy, comes this unusual Spy Item the Super Spy Game, unusual because most spy games tend to be big boxed affairs like 'Microdot' or any of the TV show based MB games, this one comes on a heaver card than the usual rack spy toys  and contains a fold out board & 12 spy Agents ( Counters).

I'm very tempted to open this and have a look at the rules, as I'd love to give it a go! i wonder how many other Rack spy games were created? a great idea and a Brilliant little spy toy item something Spy asociated but allso different from the usual Guns & weapons.
 one of my faves so far, with great 60's Esq iconography on the header card.

With 12 Spy Agents!

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