Monday, 14 May 2012


The Clasic Agent X-9 Exploding Lighter
The Spanish Company Coibel began making James Bond toys in the 1960's when i presume they had a licence to do so, by the 1980's it looks like it had run out hence this much more interesting variation on a Bond gadget the 'exploding lighter'.
Agent X-9 of course bears an uncanny resemblance to my favourite Bond Roger Moore..this is a great little item I'd love to open and try out, they say smoking is bad for you, well with the Exploding lighter it just got a lot worse!

Issued to cash in on 'View to a Kill' I presume, they also made An 'Exploding Coin' and the Classic 'Exploding spoon', i think both of those are actual Bond merchandise rather than AgentX-9 knock off's, neither of  those  I have at the moment  but I wont rest until I find them.
I got the above from E Bay USA pretty cheaply as I've seen it go for £20.00 in the UK
Looks like the Roger Moore pic was lifted directly from the Corgi  Jr car..Fantastic Stuff!..I love there unlicensed Spy Toys.

Nice bit of Coibel Plagiarism

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