Monday, 14 May 2012


I don't really know where to start with this one, one of the greatest Knock off Spy toys I've yet come across, the brilliant 'Secret Service set' it includes a gun, handcuffs, grenade and a camera, the card inside the packaging reads 'Detective set!' so I think the makers had all area's covered with this one.
The header card is brilliant featuring as it does a series of targets, one being a young woman( who does look a little foxy, it must be said) the other 2  are  a city gent, and a young man about town type, why on earth these people are targets is beyond me none of them look remotely villainous in the Spy sense and none are armed in any way, at least one of the targets should have been a Bald man  Stroking a cat, or another agent pointing a gun,then the Bond theme may have been a bit more obvious.
there is no year of issue, but perhaps because it reads 'Secret Service set' maybe its a cash in on OHMSS?..could be, I'm sure the words 'Secret Agent Set' would have been used otherwise, or 'Spy set' but then again if it was a OHMSS cash in I think a 'Snow' setting would have served it better, with a variation of the film poster, rather than the header used.
I found this great item under a table at a recent Toy Fair for £4.00..yes a complete bargain, long live the secret Agent knock off Rack toys!.
As always any info you have on this, and other items I'm featuring, please get in touch, I'm no Expert just a Fan & collector.

Civilian Targets..or Spy's? decide!

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