Thursday, 24 May 2012


Fantastic Trash!

I love these Trashy Hong Kong knock offs, in fact one of the driving forces behind me creating this blog was that...
there's no pictures/record or info about them on the web, i guess because there were so many of them made an actual list of what was produced would be impossible to catalogue, they only way I find things like the items below, is Toy fairs/toy Shops, and the E bay and I've only been collecting for a few months so image how much I've missed.
Yes the above toy is Trash!, but it contains the word 'Super-spy' my criteria for collecting was that the items should at least have the words 'spy' 'agent' or 'Secret Agent' on the card or box, unless the item in question was sooooo actually brilliant it could ignore these self implied rules and be a fabulous spy item all on its own..Like the safe gun set ..below..

The logo 'Merehall' appears in the top corner,  I Believe, from a quick Google search Merehall were UK distributors , and not actual manufacturers of the Toys  these are obviously aimed at the spy toy market but there's no mention of spy or agent on the small card, but at £5.00 each these were too great to pass up plus I can use one to customize into a  Vintage spy item, I can only wonder what other great Spy items Merehall may have distributed in the UK.

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