Thursday, 24 May 2012


Here's one of those 'I wish' Toys, there was very little New Avengers Merch at the time, most of it we know about, and i guess if guns were made we'd definitely know about them.
Unless a few Hong Kong type knock off's slipped through the net!, thats the look we are going for with the custom version, created & designed by Steve C designs of Northampton.

First Proto Type
Thanks to Mr Steve C, here's our version of Gambits gun this is just a prototype custom, but as you can see. its looking good.
The Colour of the card will Probably be Different, but i don't mind the White Backing, it shows up the colours  really well and the Denys fisher logo at the bottom is a nice touch.

The Back of the card features a handy little history complete with a caution!..
we may be listing a couple of these as custom guns on the E bay with a limited run
so if you want one get in touch, its a nice little item to add to the display,and at the moment we are working on the 'Purdey & 'Saint' versions, which i will feature here soon.

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