Wednesday, 24 October 2012



i was fortunate enough to bag this superb item not long ago, off of the E bay, a Bond collector was thinning down his collection, and listed it as a BIN, so i grabbed it immediately!, it is one of my favourite guns in the collection at the moment.

The Fake Napoleon!
There's not enough good things to say about this superb piece, the Napoleon Solo rip off is an inspired touch, as they already have a 007 style Logo..077 ( Genius!), so they were really cornering the market with this one,  i wonder how many other items the Chien Hsin Plastic factory turned out?, I'd love to see if they did any other Uncle/Bond type guns, what makes this special is the inclusion of the word ' Cosmic', kind of getting the Sci Fi fans involved too..that is really covering all the sale area's at once!

The gun is still sealed in its original plastic, and came with Spinners & a roll of caps

I really want to open it and give it a blast!

I guess later on, had the factory still been turning out these guns, they may have dropped the 'Spy' Angle completely and just sold it as a ' Cosmic Gun', to cash in on the space race. Anyway, there it is, it looks super cool on display, and was well worth the money i paid, i love it!

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