Sunday, 20 January 2013


Here's a really nice item i picked up recently, a ( i presume 1960's) counter spy gun, this is a great little piece for the collection, comes complete with silencer, and telescopic lens..the box features superb artwork of a ' Counter Spy' in a dynamic pose, which is highlighted for maximum effect

Superb Artwork really eye catching
Theres no year, or manufacturer on the box at all, which is very strange, I'm just presuming its a 1960's toy, from the style & design, I'd say it was Hong any toy made in the UK at the time would usually have a Logo or Brand name.
It was intended to display as a Rack Toy, judging from the Puncture hole in the top of the card, but it looks and displays much better and doesn't look as cheap as the regular Hong Kong rack toys

I like this item a lot, as I've said it displays really well, and looks a lot better  made than the regular cheap Hong Kong spy toy's ( which i love).
The Back of the Box features the Special features, Silencer, Telescopic Extension Ect..

Here's the gun in my Collection, sitting nicely next to Daisy Havoc!..super agent of ' Havoc'

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