Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Another nifty little Gadget no Super Spy Should Be Without the Secret watch, or if you prefer the Watch gun, actually I'm not sure what to call this hence the makers calling it 'Secret Weapon' which i guess it is, a brilliant little gadget that i am so tempted to take out of the packet and try, after all you can pick these up on E bay pretty cheaply i paid around £5.00 including postage for this and it is great.

More intriguing art work on the Header card, features a spy looking very Roger Moore Esq about to defend his self against attack from an unlikely looking assailant, armed with, i think a knife, could be anything really.

Fifty nine cents was the asking price for this great little rack toy, I'd love to see some of the other items that may have graced the rack at the same time, more Exploding coins & watches & deadly lighters!, all you had to do in the sixties & seventies to arm yourself would be to walk into your local newsagents, and hey Presto!..your fully armed and ready for Action.

Sonny watches, liking the Bright red Bullets!
Made in Hong Kong..of course the home of the best knock off Spy toys!

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